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Hong Kong Wackys

These wacky pack labels were manufactured in the late 1990's for the European market.  They measure 1-1/2" tall by 4" long, and have a light blue peel-away backing.  These seem to be bootleg items since there are no Topps copyrights.

Camals Cigarettes

No country of origin is listed, but they were found in Hong Kong as old stock by collector Duane Dimock in 2006.  The only clues to their distribution are the CE mark (Conforms to European Safety Standards) and age-warning symbol (not for children under 3) found on Camals.  Both symbols have been required since 1995 on toys destined for countries belonging to the European Union.

Dampers Diapers

Original series wacky packages stickers are prominently displayed, but the background characters are modern re-creations by an unknown artist.

Gadzooka Gum

There are at least four titles in the set -- Camals, Dampers, Gadzooka, and Plastered.


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