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1974 Wacky Inflatables

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Back in the summer of 1974, you could enjoy your Wackys while actually swimming in the pool.  There were several inflatable Wacky products produced, using Wacky Pack Titles from Series 1 through Series 6.  Wacky Packages Zany Inflatables were made by JRI of Newark, New Jersey and carried the Topps Copyright.


This large 29-inch Swim Ring displayed six Wacky Packages, and undoubtedly saved more lives than the entire cast of BayWatch.

(front and back shown)

zany inflatablescram



The 24-inch Swim Ring showed five Wacky Packages

wacky inflatables



22-inch Split-Tail Swim Ring had a protruding "Broomo" head

for a total of five Wacky Packages

broomo split tail



The 18" Swim Ring also donned five Wackys

wacky swim ring



A Pair of Arm "Swimmies" had two Wackys each

wacky packagesswim aids



They also made a Wacky Packages Beach Ball,  a Raft,

and a Wacky inflatable Kiddie Pool

Wacky Plush Toys Series 2

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